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  • FIRM Feel (8/10)
  • Gel Memory Foam & Latex Eurotop
  • 7 Zone Pocket Springs System

You're Getting A Bloody Good Deal!

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The good old In-Laws – what a hard nut to crack! Mine dead-set hated me at first.

I’m not sure if it was a personality clash or if it was because I was her first serious boyfriend and they felt the need to protect their daughter.

Whatever the reason, they were as frosty to me as a pair of White Walkers who caught a glimpse of Jon Snow on the horizon.

They were filthy I was breathing the same air as them. It was brutal.

When I knew the relationship was growing into a long term one, I knew I had to find a way to melt the ice.

At first I tried too hard. Huge lesson – NOBODY likes a try-hard. It only made things worse.

Then one day, my partner mentioned that her folks needed a new mattress.

I told her to send them to me, I would look after them with the ‘friends and family’ discount.

The day they came to the warehouse, everything changed.

They were on my territory.

I proved my expertise: they wanted a firm mattress and I helped them choose the right model.

They got a bloody good deal and they were so happy they bought 4 more mattresses from me in the coming months. I never would have guessed in a million years that helping my In-Laws to find the right mattress (then selling it to them) would have melted the ice between us.

If you love a firm mattress, or maybe you need to find the ideal gift to help your parents or your in-laws sleep better, then the In With The In-Laws mattress is a Bloody Good Choice!

Why This Mattress Is Bloody Good

The In With The In-Laws Mattress is every bit as good as a $3000+ mattress in the big name retail stores, at a fraction of the price.

It has been designed with over 10 years of the feedback of thousands of customers.

The perfect combination of Gel Infused Memory Foam, Natural Latex, Firm High Density Foam and a premium 7 zone pocket spring support system make this mattress Bloody Good!

What’s Inside The In With The In-Laws Mattress


The top quilting layer is a luxurious hard-wearing Cashmere knitted fabric, soft to the touch yet extremely durable. The side fabric is high-end knitted charcoal and light grey sofa fabric – a unique and bold design for a pocket spring mattress.


The Thick Eurotop (Box Pillowtop) has 3 premium foam layers inside it.

The top layer is Gel Infused Memory Foam, a soft-feeling foam which moulds comfortably to your unique body shape. Millions of beads of Medical Cooling Gel have been infused into the Memory Foam to regulate your body temperature nicely.
The middle layer is natural pin-core Latex. Latex is a bit firmer than Memory Foam with a high elasticity which gives great support and pressure relief to the areas of your body which need it the most. The pin-core holes in the Latex layer is designed to disperse heat.
The firm high density foam layer is what gives this mattress its firm feel. The key difference between The Dog House Mattress and The In With The In-Laws Mattress is this high density foam layer is softer in The Dog House and firmer in the In With The In-Laws.


Below the three premium layers in the Eurotop is a 22cm, 7 Zone Pocket Spring System with re-inforced edge support. A 7 zone mattress is designed to give you firmer support in the areas of your body which need it (Head, Lumbar region, Knees and Feet) and is slightly softer in other areas (Shoulders, Hips and Calves) which allows these areas of your body to sink deeper into the mattress for added pressure relief.

Firm – 8/10 Firmness Rating

The In With The In-Laws Mattress is best described as a FIRM feel (8/10 firmness rating) which based on extensive feedback is the ideal mattress for people who prefer a firmer mattress.

Important – If You Like A Very Soft Mattress This Is Definitely Not The Mattress For You

A super plush or soft mattress may feel good in a mattress store when lying on it for a few minutes, however it can often cause you aches and pains over time, even severe back problems due to not enough lumbar support.

2 reviews for IN WITH THE IN-LAWS MATTRESS (Firm)

  1. Sue and bob turnbull

    We had our first night on the new bed last, bloody fantastic and absolutely great service from Ben, will definitely recommend .

  2. Kelsey

    Fantastic mattress and fantastic service. Ben dropped the bed off himself on the same day after business hours. Highly recommend Ben and this mattress!

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