Do you have someone extra special in your life, someone who is especially kind and generous?

I have been blessed with many beautiful souls in my life – the truly special dearest ones I’d describe as unsung heroes.

Kind and generous to a fault with huge hearts, these unsung heroes do everything for other people without expecting the same back in return.

They deserve more from us. They deserve to feel truly, deeply appreciated – with kind words and loving actions.

So to honour my unsung heroes – I have created a special giveaway program with Bloody Good Mattresses – The Unsung Hero Award.

Nominate your unsung hero – it could be a family member, a neighbour, co-worker, teacher, coach, friend- anyone who is a kind and generous person and deserves something special.

I will choose someone truly deserving and surprise them with a brand new mattress in the size and model of their choice.

A brand new mattress is actually the perfect gift for someone kind and generous – because they are so kind and loving, giving everything to others, these unsung heroes are often left drained and live in a state of constant tiredness.

They never complain though, the joyful spirits they are.

These incredible humans deserve beautiful rest, every single night.

This is an exercise in selflessness, so please only nominate someone truly deserving.

Obviously you can’t nominate yourself.

To nominate your unsung hero please use the form below!

There is a second award  – The Young Unsung Hero Award. 

This award is to set an example to our youth that kindness does not go unrewarded. At my discretion, I will surprise a kind young man or woman with a brand new Minimum Chips Mattress.

Help me to make a difference in a special unsung heroes life by showing them how much we appreciate them.

Kindness is truly the only way forward.

To apply for the Unsung Hero Award or the Young Unsung Hero Award, just contact me with subject line “Unsung Hero”. You can contact me here.

With love and gratitude,

Ben Riddles

Owner – Bloody Good Mattresses